The Posadas is a traditional celebration commemorating the journey of Joseph and Mary to Bethlehem and their difficulty in finding lodging in the city. It runs for nine days, starting from December 16 and ending December 24.

For the Posadas, groups of children and adults (pilgrims) visit houses to sing songs requesting lodging in the house. These pilgrims, or peregrinos, carry lit candles while four members of the group carry statues of Mary and Joseph. The owner of the house (the innkeeper) responds and gives his refusal also through a song. However, there is a designated house, where the owner allows Joseph and Mary to come in and find lodging (posada).

Each house will have a Nativity scene. And when the group is allowed to come in, the group kneels in front of this nativity scene to pray. Then comes the singing of traditional Christmas carols. A party is also held for the children. The party features piñatas and special foods and sweets