Music in Mexico

Music in Mexico

The music in Mexico boasts a wide range of musical styles, all of which reflect the Mexican spirit and verve.

The Indian flute, conch shell, and hueheutl (drum) were the primary instruments used in playing pre-Hispanic Mexican music. When the Spaniards came, they introduced other types of music.

The music that most typifies the Mexican spirit would, most people would say, be the mariachi, which is virtually all kinds of music played during weddings. The instruments used are the harp, violin, trumpets, vihuela, and the guitarra de golpe (a five string instruments that was tuned differently).

Other Styles of Music in Mexico

  • Norteño. This music genre evolved from the corridors or musical tales (usually of the Mesican Revolution). It is actually the corridor mixed with the polka, waltz, mazurka and chotis. The norteño is played with the accordion and guitars.
  • Banda. Inspired by military bands, this music genre also has three types – Sinaloense, Tamborazi Zacatecano and the Duranguense.
  • Cumbia. This music originated from the Columbian cumbia.
  • Classical music. Mexico's classical music dates back to the 16th century, when the Spaniards first introduced this genre. Musicians who contributed to the rise of this music in Mexico are Juan Gutierrez de Padilla, Bernardo de Parealta Escudero, and Hernando Franco.
  • Rock. Famous figures in the Mexican rock world would be Carlos Santana and groups such as the Dugs Dugs, Javier batiz, Molotov, Maná, and Maldita Vecindad.
  • Electronic Music. This style is an offshoot of American and European disco music. Electronic music can be generally found in cities and resorts – Ciudad Juarez, Cancun, Acapulco, Guadalajara, Mexico City, Puebla, Monterrey and Tijuana are some such cities.
  • Latin alternative music. This is a sonic mixture of hip-hop, rock and electronica.

The Mexicans are also lovers of dance. The dances are as diverse as their music. Some contain elements of flamenco (zapateados). The costumes are also flamboyant and colorful.