Mexico Weather

Mexico weather

With so many regions, Mexico has a variety of climate conditions. Inland, where the elevations are higher, the climate is moderate and drier. Meanwhile, in the coastal plains, the weather is hotter with more humidity.

Mexico generally has two seasons: dry and rainy. The rainy season is from June to October, while the dry season is from November to May. The coolest months are usually on December to February. Winds from the North make the inland regions downright chilling, even freezing.

Be that as it may, visits in Mexico is enjoyable during the whole year round, with October to May the best time to visit the country.

Here is a run down of the weather in each region

Northern Baja California
Hot summers, mild winters and not a lot of rain. The average temperature is 20° C.

Northwest Coast
The weather is a lot like Northern Baja with a bit more rain. Occasional storms may also visit this region. The average temperature is, like Northern Baja, at 20°C.

West Coast
This tropical region has balmy weather throughout the year, with a lot of rain from June to October. The average temperature is around 27.4°C.

Southern Baja California
This is generally a desert area, and has very little rain and cool winters. The weather is also characterized by ocean breezes and dry air. Summers can be sizzling, with average temperatures at 25°C.

Central Plateau
This region enjoys perpetual spring because of its high altitude, with an average temperature of 18.4° C. Rains come from June to September. Be prepared for cold nights during the winter.

Yucatan Peninsula
Because of it is near the coast, this region is characterized by hot and humid weather, with an average temperature of 26.5°C. Winters are mild, with rains pouring in from April to May and from September to January.