Neoclassical Architecture

neoclassical style in Mexico

The classic style harks back to the time of ancient Greece and Rome and aims to imitate the styles of those times. Some examples of classic and neoclassic architecture in Mexico:

Catedral de la Assuncio de Hermosillo (Mexico City)
This is built in the mixed styles of neoclassic and neogothic. Its imposing features includes the elegant columns and pedestals that are to be found in the main façade.

Catedral Metropolitana (Mexico City)
This cathedral was built from the stones taken from the ruins of Aztec temples. It was began in 1573 but was not completed until 1788. it blends three architectural styles: baroque, neoclassical and Mexican churrigueresque.

Palacio de Gobierno (Guadalajara)
This has a solemn neoclassical façade with a clock tower and a semicircular pediment. The interior features a patio and stairways with contemporary murals.

Alhondiga de Granaditas (Guanajuato)
This used to be a grain depository but currently houses the Guanajuato Regional Museum. It has a simple neoclassical façade.

Plaza de la Paz (Guanajuato)
This plaza is perhaps the most significant and oldest plaza in Guanajuato. The surrounding houses and buildings provide great examples of classic architecture.

Basilica de Nuestra Señora de Guanajuato (Guanajuato)
This cathedral is made of pink quarry stone. It also mixes the Baroque, Churrigueresque and neoclassical styles.

Teatro Degollado (Guadalajara)
This is a building in the neo-classical style. It features 16 columns (Corinthian style). These columns support a tympanum that shows Apollo and the Nine Muses.

Instituto Cultural Cabañas (Guadalajara)
The neo-classical building was a collaboration among Mauel Tolsa, Jose Gutierrez and Manuel Ibarra. This building was completed in 1843. It has a main entrance that has an elegant portico and columns. The Instituto also has 23 patios.

Palacio Municipal (Guadalajara)
This neo-classical structure was built by Architect Vincent Mendiola. It is used by the city government as its main office building. The lower level has portals and panels with paintings by Gabriel Flores.