Learn Spanish in Latin America

In these days, most people speak at least two languages. Being plurilingual is very beneficial in today's society, specially if your job requires contact with international clients. Spanish is a great option as a second language because it's spoken in over 20 countries around the world, and it's also the second most spoken language in the planet.

Learn Spanish in Latin America

A Spanish immersion program is the most efficient way of learning Spanish. You'll be forced to speak the language in and out of class, and not only with your classmates! When Spanish is the only language spoken buy the locals you really don't have any choice but to practice, practice, practice!

Latin America, with its diverse geography and cultures, is the best place to study Spanish and to learn more about different cultures and customs. Chile, Argentina, Peru or Mexico are great options for those looking into Spanish immersion courses.

Chile Spanish Schools

Chile is one of the prettiest South American countries. Santiago, the capital, is as modern as any European or North American city, and you can always escape to the Patagonia for a few days of you want to enjoy the wildness.

There are many Chile Spanish schools to choose from when learning Spanish, and all of them offer the great advantage of being able to explore the country and learn more about the Chilean customs. Chile Spanish schools are great places to learn Spanish quickly and efficiently, and you will notice your improvement in just a few weeks.

Peru Spanish Schools

They say Peruvian food is one of the finest in the world. What better excuse to visit this incredible country? You could enroll in a Peru Spanish school and spend some time trying all the famous Peruvian dishes and drinks, but remember to leave some time for tourism!

Peru school

Peru is a very varied country: the high mountains of the Andes hide a thousand Inca ruins, mysterious and beautiful; the beaches in the north will tempt you with their clear waters and breathtaking landscapes. Studying Spanish in a Peru Spanish school is a life-changing experience which will make you smile for years to come. Learn the language and explore the country, it really doesn't get any better that that!

Learn Spanish in Argentina

Have you always wanted to visit La Pampa? Or the southern glaciers? Now you have the chance to do so, and to learn Spanish at the same time in one of the thousands Argentina Spanish schools that dot the country.

Spend some time in Buenos Aires, taste the amazing Argentinean steaks or explore the northwest of Argentina, chock full with hidden gems like the Valles Calchaquíes or San Miguel de Tucumán. Argentina Spanish schools can be found anywhere and we're sure you will find one that suits your needs perfectly, and you'll be speaking Spanish in no time. Give it a go!

Learn Spanish in Mexico

Mexico is a very popular tourist destination, but it's an even better destination if you want to learn Spanish. The Mexican culture is complex, intoxicating and highly interesting, and even more so if you learn Spanish in Mexico, where you will be able to discover all the misteries of the Mexican culture while learning to speak the language.

Mexico school

If you do decide to learn Spanish in Mexico, be sure to take your time to travel around the country and learn more about this amazing place. Mexico D. F. is a busy town with things to do every second of the day, but if you're looking for something more peaceful there's always the Yucatan Peninsula, with it's paradise-like beaches of turquoise waters and white sands.