Highlights of Pacific Coast, Mexico

pacific-coast of Mexico

Pacific Coast Highlights

  • Puerto Vallarta. Unique Old Mexico mixes with the modern conveniences of world class resorts in this Pacific town. This is also the site of the Gourmet Festival, a culinary affair which draws in the top chefs from Mexico and the world.
  • Nayarit. Go handicraft shopping while soaking in the rich culture of Cora and Huichol Indians
  • Mazatlan. Celebrate the carnival the Mazatlan way – colorful, exuberant and full of verve!
  • Guadalajara, Costalegre, and El Volcan de Fuego for beach hopping and sunbathing
  • Taxco. The best silver jewelry shopping experience

Things to do in the Pacific Coast:

  • Surf the waves or go boogie boarding in the many beaches in the Pacific Coast
  • Scuba dive and witness the Pacific Coast's stunning marine life in Puerto Vallarta and Manzanillo.
  • Go fishing in Manzanillo and other coastal towns
  • Check out the art at Oaxaca, home to artists such as Francisco Toledo, Rodolfo Morales and Rufino Tamayo.