Acapulco, Mexico

Come fly with me…
Weather wise, it's such a lovely day
You just say the words, and we'll beat the birds,
Down to Acapulco Bay
It's perfect for a flying honeymoon – they say
Come fly with me, we'll fly, we'll fly away.

Take it from Old Blue Eyes. Frank Sinatra described Acapulco as “perfect for a flying honeymoon,” and indeed, it is.



Its name came from a Nahuatl word, which meant “plain of dense reeds.” And yet, this name does not do Acapulco justice as now, when you think of Acapulco you think of exotic beaches, a vibrant nightlife and a city you will not likely forget.

Acapulco belongs to the Pacific Coast, and is a major seaport and city 190 miles southwest from Mexico City. It is, in fact, the largest city in the state of Guerrero and is a popular tourist destination. It owes its popularity mostly to its location - on a deep, semi-circular bay. The town itself is on a narrow strip of land, sandwiched between mountains and the shoreline. The location also allows for cruise ships from the United States and other countries to dock and unload passengers eager to experience the Acapulco

With balmy, subtropical weather all year round, Acapulco's climate is very ideal for beach life. It hardly ever rains.

night Acapulco

Sights and experiences in Acapulco

  • El Fuerte de San Diego
    The San Diego fort is a showcase of Acapulco history and the Spanish galleon trades. It is also singular in that it is shaped like a turtle. Here, you will also find the Historical Museum of Acapulco, where you will get to know Acapulco's role in the accumulation of Spain's wealth – the Trade from the Orient, the Manila Galleon, even of the pirates that plagued the Pacific during colonial times.
  • Zocalo
    The main town square also houses the Cathedral of Acapulco. One way to experience local culture is for you to sit in one of the cafes, drink in your coffee and at the same time drinking in the ebb and tide of people passing by. You get to know more about the city and its people this way.
  • Centro Infantil CiCi
    A water park which boasts of a dolphinarium, a Skycoaster (an exciting mixture of bungee jump and swing), and a variety of pools with slides.
  • Centro Acapulco
    This is the city's major shopping district, as this is filled with designer boutiques and fine dining restaurants. Here, you will also find the Centro Cultural, which has a theater for its cultural shows and an art gallery for art exhibits.
  • Beaches
    Of course, this is one of the main attractions of Acapulco. The pristine and tranquil waters are what made Acapulco a vacation hotspot. The beaches are Condesa, Hornos, Caleta, Icacos and Playa Revolcadero, among others. Most of these beaches are along the La Costera, which is Acapulco's main boulevard. More about beaches...

What to do in Acapulco

  • Watersports. The calm waters of Acapulco make it ideal for watersports – taking a banana boat ride, surfing, and snorkeling.
  • Shop! With the many shops at Centro Acapulco, shopping can take a good part of your vacation.
  • Watch the La Quebrada Cliff Divers. These divers perform jaw dropping stunts and dives in shallow water.
  • Aside from these, you can also play golf or enjoy the city's nightlife.

How to Get to Acapulco

If you are coming to Acapulco from the United States, there are quite a number of U.S. airlines plying the route to Acapulco all year round. If you are going to Acapulco from within Mexico, there are also many buses that ply the route from major cities (such as Mexico City) to Acapulco.