Highlights of Tarascan, Mexico


Tarascan Country Highlights

  • Morelia. This city boasts a grand cathedral, wide plazas and majestic stone mansions
  • Patzcuaro. A town with fascinating colonial architecture featuring adobe walls and tile roofs. These walls are painted a crisp white with dark red borders
  • National Parks
    • Lago de Camecuaro
      Natural springs and a lake in this 23-acre park make for great swimming and boating.
    • Cerro de Garnica
      The pine and fir forests is set in soaring rock formations. This 2,420-acre park is great for camping and bird and wildlife watching. It is home to the gray fox, the white-tail deer and various reptiles.
    • Mariposa Monarca
      The view of multitudes of monarch butterflies in hibernation is simply breathtaking. From November to March, the visitors can take a hike along the trails where the butterflies rest for the winter.
    • Rayon
      This is named after the Rayon brothers, who gained fame during the War of Independence. The 85-acre park is great for hiking and camping, and is home to falcons, woodpeckers and deer.
    • Insurgente Jose Maria Morelos y Pavon
      This 4,533-acre park has fir and pine forests, natural springs and steep broken slopes.
    • Pico de Tancitaro
      Here, the Tancitaro volcano is the main thing. The volcano is given a rich backdrop of fir and pine trees growing on sharp slopes. The slopes also make for great rock climbing adventures.